Circus Science

📅 June 27-July 8

If you love the circus and science, then you’ll have a blast in this camp!


Fantastical & Mythical Creatures

📅 July 10-28

In this camp, campers will learn the science behind these famous creatures and many more from mysterious myths and legends.

BHD30 – BHD36

Art Studio/Digital Art Studio

📅 July 11-29

Let your child explore the world of ART. Our open-ended projects allow children to unleash their imagination and creativity.


Inventor’s Workshop

📅 July 31-August 11

Embrace your inner inventor this summer and invent new solutions to everyday problems!


Web of Wonders

📅 August 1-12

Ever wondered how computers work or what the internet looks like?

BHD30 – BHD36

Creative Coding

📅 August 14-25

Bring your artistic vision to life with this camp. Combine your love of coding into a fun, creative project!

BHD30 – BHD36

Globe Trotters

📅 August 15-26

Let your kids travel this summer without leaving the country. This camp presents active, hands-on learning about other countries and cultures.

BHD30 – BHD36