Minecraft: Build a Farm

πŸ“… August 14-25

Build a farm by solving area/perimeter word problems to find out the size of each planting patch.


Underwater Rover Adventures

πŸ“… June 27-July 8

Explore Australia’s famous Great Barrier Reef all the while learning about underwater sea creatures!


Minecraft: Circus

πŸ“… July 10-28

The Circus comes to Minecraft! Build the circus of your wildest imagination and experience the creations built by others.


Drone Adventures

πŸ“… July 11-29

In this camp, campers will program their drone in a new futuristic city and get the package from A to B.


Invent Your Own Digital Toy

πŸ“… July 31-August 11

This camp will get you to think like an inventor and will challenge you to create your very own digital toys! Ready, set, invent!


Digital Comic Creator

πŸ“… August 1-12

This camp will inspire campers literacy, creativity AND confidence through a supportive environment.


Pixel Art: Superheroes Edition

πŸ“… August 15-26

Design your favorite superhero or come up with their own and bring them to life in animations!