Wacky Weathers

📅 June 26- July 7

Let's delve into weird weather phenomena and discover why they occur!


Build Your City

📅 June 27- July 8

Put on your construction hat as we imagine, plan and build structures with our bare hands.


Bug Safari

📅 July 10-28

Join us as we learn about all things BUG and small!


Backyard Science

📅 July 11-29

Let's explore the great outdoors and discover the science lurking behind every nook.


Mars Launch and Land

📅 July 31-August 11

Learn fascinating things about our neighbor planet Mars, and dive into its dusty, cold, desert world.


Art Studio – Evening Class

📅 August 1-12

Discover the wonders of water--a necessity to all forms of life. Want to know why it's so special?


Race to the Finish

📅 August 14-25

Build and race to win! Join the fun with all things cars!


Build a Bot

📅 August 15-26

Wouldn't it be nice to have a robot friend at home? Let's imagine and build our own robots and discover what they can do!