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Winter Camp (Age 4-6)

December 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021

$45.000 – $125.000

Learners will start their adventure in a fantasy story called Toy Land where toys are alive and live in different magical and whimsical areas. Their first stop is at Toy Lab where learners will be introduced to the concept of how toys are created and made to come alive.

🗓 Week 1 TOY DESIGNERS December 12-15
⏰ 9am – 10:30am

Toy Maker: The toys that live in Toy Land are those dreamed up by children all over the world. There are pony plushies that love to sing, racing cars that speed their way to adventure and huge cities made entirely out of Legos. If you could make any toy in the world, what would you like to create?

Flight Designer: It’s one of the most exciting times of the year for the mommy and daddy planes in Sky Lane: their babies will be taking their first flight! What does it take to help baby planes to fly?

Racetrack Architect: Let’s explore motion and speed through designing the race track of your dreams.

The Guardian: The torrential downpour on Toy Land has flooded the Secret Valley and the mystery eggs on the mystery vault are in danger! Rescue them by experimenting with emergency catapults.

🗓 Week 2 TOY MAKERS December 20-23
⏰ 9am – 10:30am

Spin Artist: Let’s make some art that spins and splashes like the legendary top of Toy Land.

Spin Master: In Toy Land, the tops have organized “Twisters on Ice”, the annual spinning party that you can’t miss.

Wing Engineer: What does it take to make an exotic creature called Balloon Birdies stay up in the sky?

Rocket Scientist: The toys don’t want to miss the chance to go to the moon! The new launcher 3000 is the latest invention that will allow anyone to design a rocket to shoot into space. What kind of ideas for a rocket do you have?

🗓 Week 3 RECYCLED TOY CREATORS December 26-29
⏰ 9am – 10:30am

This week is about building your own Earth-friendly quests. Challenge your creativity by crafting toys out of recycled materials. Flex your fun muscles while doing good for the planet.

💵 BD 45 Per week
💵 BD 85 for 2 Weeks
💵 Bd 125 for 3 weeks


December 1, 2021
December 31, 2021
$45.000 – $125.000
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